Saturday, July 21, 2012

Facebook Photo Challenge: Lazy Catchup Edition!


The Facebook photo challenge has been lots of fun, and served as an excellent way to help me stave off boredom as I acclimate to the new city I moved to. When I last left off with the challenge, I had just completed photo 5. Was that the end of my photo tour-de force? No, but it did mark the last time I felt a compulsory need to blog each and every picture I sketched. Still, I acknowledge that people may want to see more of my sketching efforts (sketchforts?). So this post is simply an omnibus of the photos I've sketched since my last post. Here goes:

Omnibus Sketching Party!

Challenge 6: Jennifer and Todd 

Challenge 7: Kate and Ross 

Challenge 8: Stacey and Jacob
Challenge 9: Ryan and Nicole

Bonus Rounds

There were times when I felt compelled to sketch, however, I did not desire to work on the sketches requested of me via the facebook photo challenge. Sometimes I didn't want to, sometimes the sketching frustrated me (people have a tendency to want me to sketch their happily coupled friends; as a solitary single person, I will say, this can be rough on the psyche). During these times, I turned from the facebook challenge and sketched things I found interesting. Here's the first bonus sketch:

Bonus 1: Robo Character Sketch

After having done an initial character study, I nixed sketching from photos all together and made a second sketch of Robo that was purely imaginative:

Bonus Sketch 2: Ancient Protector

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