Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Great Facebook Photo Challenge Round 5: Girlberus


Jenna was the lucky winner of round 4, so she got to pick our next subjects. Today's photo is a shot of 3 lovely ladies from the swing club, Justina, Stephanie, and Jenna. They're a close knit group, and, indeed, somewhat resemble a three-headed woman, or girlberus, in this photo (if it was men, it would, of course, be a guydra).

On to the sketch!

My Sketch:

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the photo and my attempted sketch:

Experiences and Notes:

In round 4, I started with wireframe models to try to get some more accurate body positioning, and indeed so I did as well here. In addition to that, I tried to use a few guidelines to further refine the wireframes (making a sort of "box" to contain the part of the picture in which the girls should reside). A bit of smudge shading was used for the wall as well as Jenna's skirt, to help differentiate them from other colors and textures within the photo. Although I drew guidelines within which the girls should fit, these perhaps should have been repositioned; the girls heads are a little small in this picture, my bad. Still, pretty good overall :-)

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