Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Great Facebook Photo Challenge 2


Yesterday, I debuted this blog and a new game with The Great Facebook Photo Challenge, an intriguing freetime avocation in which I attempt to sketch my friends' photos on facebook. My friend Kristen won yesterday's challenge, and got to suggest what picture I draw next. This would be my first test of drawing a picture I hadn't explicitly chosen.

Photo and Subject:

Yesterday's winner Kristen is somebody I knew from swing dance. Therefore, it's of no major surprise that today's picture is likewise a friend from swing dance. This is a photo of my friend Andrew. Andrew is an extremely talented swing dancer (and dancer in general; he does a number of other styles, such as salsa), and a laid-back and all-around cool individual. Below is a photo of him which I was asked to sketch:

My Sketch:

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the original photo and my sketch inspired by this photo:

Experiences and Notes:

In sketching this picture, I started with Andrew's right shoulder, as it is anchored to the edge of the photo (and therefore I only need to estimate the appropriate starting location in one dimension instead of two). I was pretty pleased with how this sketch turned out, even if it does suffer some minor issues of scale (his head's a tad small, the fedora a tad big, and some of the side details didn't quite pan out the way I was hoping). I kept redoing the right side of the glasses, because the light from the window washes out his face and makes that part of the photo a bit tricky.

What I said in my previous post about hands and eyes definitely still applies to this one. I had the good fortune once again of being able to skirt around the eyes issue. The hand didn't turn out all that well, but it wasn't a complete disaster either.

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